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Old Courthouse in Downtown St. Louis

Full Service Creditor and Tax Defense Law Firm


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We assist consumers and businesses by effectively working through tax and creditor problems outside of bankruptcy, if possible.  We represent clients from birth to merger, sale or closing of a business in a cost-effective manner. We also assist in personal matters, including real estate, wills, estate and business planning.


  • Tax Liens and Penalties
  • Failure to File Tax Returns
  • Lottery/Gambling Tax Problems
  • Estate Tax Problems
  • Employment Tax Problems
  • Bankruptcy Discharge of Taxes

    We have over 16 years of experience in taxation defense, and we have represented many clients in achieving acceptance of tax compromises for a low dollar percentage of taxes owed.  Individual results depend on specific circumstances of income and equity in assets.


    We are committed to a non-bankruptcy approach to tax and creditor settlements, where possible.  Don't accept bankruptcy as your only alternative - call us first!


    The Doheny Law Firm wants to be part of the solution, not another problem.


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